[testimonial person="Crystal"]

Had the best time at the hoop workshop!! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome![/testimonial]


[testimonial person="Sheena"]

The Christmas Flowshop was great. I’ve never seen so many hoopers in one place – who would have thought we had such a great hoop community in Edmonton? The instructors were friendly and helpful, covering a wide range of tricks for all skill levels. The flow exercise was particularly useful for practicing linking together the tricks that you know. I would definitely attend again – thanks![/testimonial]


[testimonial person="Ciara"]

Hooping changed my life in so many ways, but the Flowshop changed my take on hooping, on teaching hooping, and on the hooping community of Edmonton. It was a wonderful evening, filled with learning, and I left thoroughly saddened by the fact that it was over.[/testimonial]


[testimonial person="Kacie"]

Taking classes with Carla at Flowlab has enriched both my hooping and my life. I’ve made so many friends and learned so much.
Hoop class is the highlight of my week![/testimonial]


[testimonial person="Keely"]

Before I attended the workshop, I was alright at waist hooping but looking for more experience; within the short period of the workshop, I learned about 5 new tricks to play with and practice.[/testimonial]


[testimonial person="Jaclyn"]

Loved the Flowshop, Carla and the ladies of Flowscience delivered a great night of hooping, learning, and sharing!! Edmonton’s hooping community is so full of energy, it’s great to be a part of it![/testimonial]
[testimonial person="Jodie"]
Thanks for hosting the Guided Practice this past weekend, Carla. It was well worth the drive up from Red Deer. Although I love anytime I get to hoop and learn from others, I loved the format you had. It allowed me the opportunity to ask you some very specific questions about certain moves I was trying to learn… I didn’t have to feel like I was taking up your time when you should be working with the entire class. On top of that, I honestly walked away with more than I usually get in a weekend workshop because you could tailor everything for those that were there. It doesn’t hurt that you can break things down easily for me. Thanks so much! I hope to attend another in the near future!


[testimonial person="Student"]

Carla is phenomenal and creates a wonderful atmosphere for hoopers of all levels. Thank you so much for introducing me to such a amazing pass-time.[/testimonial]


[testimonial person="Murray"]

Loved the workshop. It pushed my abilities, and gave me things to work with, and work for. With workshops like this, I can see being much better in the foreseeable future. Thank you Carla, hoop love, keep em’ coming! [/testimonial]


[testimonial person="M.D., Bon Accord School"]

Our teachers and students loved having you come. They thought you were too much fun![/testimonial]


[testimonial person="Fola"]

Awesome fun! [/testimonial]