April Hoop Classes

I can’t believe we’re already done another series of classes, but it’s that time again and registration is now open for April 3 and April 11 classes in northeast and west Edmonton.

Tuesday nights at 6770-129 Avenue (Bosco Adminstration Gym) include the popular Intro to Hooping class for total beginners and those just wanting to brush up on their hooping fundamentals, and the Intermediate/Advanced class where we’ve been banging out all kinds of cool tricks (and celebrated last night’s last class of the current series with a rad LED hoop jam – video coming!).

Wednesday nights at 15920-105 Avenue (Britannia Youngstown CL) include a Kids hoop class for 8-15 year olds, and a Multilevel class for ALL levels of hooper (the perfect solution if you want to bring a buddy to class and introduce them to hooping too!).  Sheena is off on a super cool road trip in in April so poi classes will be on hold until she returns.

Stay tuned for announcements regarding some weekend workshops taking place in April and May – we’ll be focusing on specialties such as twins/minis hooping; breaks, reversals and isolations; building your vertical repertoire, and the holy grail of hoopdance, developing your natural sense of FLOW.

warming up at intermediate/advanced class

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