Summer Hours

As you can tell by the time since I last updated the blog, it’s been a busy summer at Flowlab and it’s only getting busier. Our festival touring season has been stellar so far, but we’re gearing up for the Shambhala Music Festival in just 18 more days, and that means that our schedule is packed with production, preparation, and eventually some clever packing to get it all there! With…

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Flowlab Festival Reps

Do you LOVE hooping (or any flow toys, for that matter)? And do you LOVE festivals? We are looking for friendly, responsible, prop-loving people to join our team in the booth at Boonstock, Astral Harvest, Motion Notion, and Shambhala Music Festival this summer! Interested? Find out more here.

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Evoking Awesome

Happy last day of the long weekend, my Canadian counterparts! What an awesome treat it has been to enjoy incredible weather from start to finish, despite all of the weatherman’s predictions of rain. I was so excited to get my hands on a new Evoke from Astral Hoops while I was away at Hoop Convergence, and I’ve been wanting to use the backdrop of refinery row for a video for…

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Hoop Convergence 2013

I’ve been back from Hoop Convergence for a couple of days now, which means of course that I won’t even bother with unpacking for at least another week and I’m still floating a couple of feet off of the ground. Baxter’s been telling me for years now to come and visit North Carolina and that the people are sooooo friendly, and what do you know, he wasn’t making that up!…

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Leaving On A Jet Plane

A reminder to all that Flowlab will be closed from May 9 through May 13, as we’re headed off to Carrboro, North Carolina, for 5 days of blow-your-mind inspiration with hoopers from all over the globe at Hoop Convergence! I’m a total hoop workshop junkie, so 5 days of geeking out with my tribe is blowing my mind already, and I haven’t even left yet! A little bit o’ trivia…

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SpinMilk 3: Collaboration & Community

SpinMilkSpinMilkSpinMilk. Does a heart, body AND soul good. Three years ago, Nina Infinity and I teamed up to throw the first SpinMilk, with the vision of creating a weekend packed with a variety of workshops for prop and movement enthusiasts. This year, as I looked around the opening circle on Saturday morning and realized it was at least double the size of our first SpinMilk, I was speechless with gratitude…

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Flowlab Music Monday: Songs On Repeat

With weekly hoop classes and jams and workshops in between, I’m constantly on the hunt for new music to keep things fresh, and lately there has been an almost overwhelming amount of great music to choose from! Sometimes the trouble with Music Mondays is picking just one track to share (that’s why you’ll see me posting mixes so much!) but this week, despite having all kinds of new music on…

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Hoop Moms

It’s Monday and I have some music to share with you, but first of all, happiest of birthdays to Babz Robinson, the hoop ninja who got me started on my own journey, my “hoop momma”. Babz has been hooping since 2003, throwing down on the platforms at Shambhala, Motion Notion and other festivals throughout Western Canada, and sharing her hoop knowledge with the world through classes, workshops, and online tutorials….

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The Power of Community

There is a great article on this week about the value of the hoop community and I encourage you to give it a read! Community has been a big buzz word for me this year, as I have watched the Edmonton hoop community explode in size while simultaneously becoming stronger through the interpersonal connections made at classes, jams, festivals, and at the Ledge grounds on summer Sunday afternoons. Our…

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SpinMilk 3: Attention Horse

Thinking of coming to SpinMilk 3? I’m very excited for the first offering of my new workshop, Attention Horse, and I hope you can join me! This material is very close to my heart and a lot of thought, preparation and personal experience has gone into its creation. Whether you’re the look-at-me!-type looking for some flashy new tricks, or a wallflower craving more confidence, we’ll be spending this workshop working…

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