Carla Snow

Purveyor of Awesome / Founder of Flowlab

Carla Snow hails from Banff, Alberta, Canada, and she has been rocking the hoop since 2008.


Carla has an enormous amount of teaching experience under her belt, including 4 years of popular weekly hoop classes for adults in Edmonton, workshops across western Canada including Madskillz Vancouver, and internationally, including SWHOOP 2014.

Carla has experience teaching workshops to students of all ages from preschoolers to seniors, and has provided instruction to thousands of elementary school students in Edmonton and Alberta through full day school & summer camp workshops, using her own Hooping For Kids curriculum.


Performing both locally and internationally as a soloist and a collaborative performer, Carla’s creative endeavors have included the creation and development of the multi-prop troupe, Flowscience, and creating & directing the Prop Rock series, a prop manipulation event showcasing western Canadian prop artists.

Building Community

Organizer of countless community jams and event, Carla is also the co-creator of Edmonton Flow Festival, Edmonton’s prop, performance and flow festival which just celebrated its 5th year running.

Carla and the Flowlab crew have set up at festivals throughout Western Canada, vending a variety of handcrafted hoops and other props, facilitating workshops and interactive performances, and sharing their love of prop manipulation with the festival community.

Carla is currently based in Banff, Alberta, Canada, and is available for performances and instruction both locally and internationally. Send an email to for more information!




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