Carving Out Time & Space: 10 Minutes a Day

This past Tuesday I issued the challenge to the students in my Hooping Basics and Beyond the Basics classes to try to carve out 10 minutes a day for a little hoop session. Lately I’ve been finding that the pace of my current life tends to create an erratic schedule for my hoop practice – some days, I’m hooping for 8 or more hours in a single day if I’m teaching a school workshop (and for some reason, I always find myself motivated to hoop even more in the evening when I get home!), but other days, I’m not hooping at all.

I know there are all kinds of hoop challenges being run on Facebook and on, but I’ve only been peripherally aware of many of them, feeling I was just too busy to put the time in (especially on the interactive video-sharing challenges). However, when my friends John and Kelly came to visit during the SpinMilk weekend, they told me they’ve been doing this with their kids every day for the past month and they’ve been having a blast. I love that their whole family gets up and hooping together!  I realized that 10 minutes a day is a completely viable challenge, and so far, I’ve been delighted with the results. I’ve noticed my motivation level increasing steadily and I’m finding it difficult to walk past my hoop without picking it up for a little go-round. In fact, I would say that so far, all of my “just gonna hoop for 10 minutes” sessions have turned into full on sweaty living room jams.

What I’m noticing the most is that I’ve been having a huge burst of mastery of moves, and  I’ve been picking up at least one or two new tricks every time I play. I’m also breaking out of old algorithms and exploring new movement again. My flow journal is filling up daily and I’m feeling a great sense of accomplishment and inspiration. I’m so happy that I finally decided to do this!

The thing about being a Canadian hooper in the winter is that finding space indoors to spin can seem a bit tricky, but there are ways to carve out hoop space in your house. I have a pretty small living room and it lacks a high ceiling, but when I’m not at the Bosco gym, that’s where I jam, and I’ve learned to move in a very small space (see video below). Try pushing the coffee table aside or standing in the middle of your kitchen. Explore different kinds of hoop movement – keep it on the core, sit down on the floor and work on your badass shoulder hooping skills, or practice those magical isolations. But whatever you choose to focus on, I guarantee those 10 minutes will get your heart pumping and put a smile on your face!

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