Counting down to SpinMilk 2%

There’s only a week and a half until SpinMilk 2% arrives! ┬áThe prop, performance and flow workshop event takes place on April 14 & 15 in north Edmonton at Londonderry Hall. The bigger venue means more room for awesome! We’ve added a number of classes, packing the schedule with all kinds of choices to get you moving and grooving. For all you hoopers, there’s no shortage of hoop-specific workshops (I’ll be teaching a couple myself), but beyond that, there’s so much more you can try!

  • Staff/double staff
  • Poi – including partner poi!
  • Buugeng
  • Folding Fans
  • Tshirt Reconstruction
  • Bellydance
  • Conscious Dance
  • Burlesque
  • Glass Walking
  • Flow Wand
  • Hooping – including minis and twins!
  • Acrobatic Yoga
  • Hand Drumming
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Footbag/HackySack
  • Contact juggling
  • Toss juggling
  • Folding Fans
  • Contortion

I know, right? So many awesome choices. The event runs Saturday to Sunday, and includes the Saturday night Cabaret: an instructor showcase & prop jam/afterparty. Oh, and we have vendors – you’ll be able to stock up on all kinds of props, feather accessories, mini top hats, onesies, and ┬ámore. Tickets have been moving quickly, so avoid disappointment and grab yours to join us!

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