Earthquaker Comes To Edmonton

This past weekend marked the fourth annual visit from hooping legend Jonathan Baxter of HoopPath, who delivered yet another deliciously transformative hoop workshop that has left me both inspired and utterly exhausted. This was the fourth trip to Edmonton, but the fifth time I have taken a HoopPath weekend, and if it’s any indication just how amazing I think they are, I’ll be taking it again this weekend in Calgary!

This year was a huge experience for me personally, light years above any of my past workshop experiences for a number of reasons, but while I’m still processing all of the awesome that took place over the past few days, fellow hooper Kacie Beluse Knight wrote a beautiful recap of the weekend in her blog, Dancing Into Being.  I highly recommend reading it to find out more about HoopPath and just what it is that makes Baxter’s workshops so special (and worth doing two weekends in a row when my body is currently fully immersed in second-day-after-a-killer-workout-hurt mode). Workshop weekends are already a magical blend of community and inspiration no matter who the instructor is, but there is a reason that we invite Baxter back every single year, and why so many of us simply won’t miss a HoopPath weekend when the opportunity presents itself.

Check out the album of photos from the weekend too (and check out the beeeeee-ooo-tiful snap of local hooper Lindsey “Superkruper” above – gorgeous!)!


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