Edmonton New Year 2013: HOOPtastic

2012 was a really wild ride.

So it shouldn’t have come as any surprise to me that my final day of 2012, ushering in the new year 2013, was just that. I was invited by the group Fire Inspired to perform with them at Churchill Square this year for the 2013 NYE celebrations, and the experience was pretty incredible.

Now, I’m not gonna lie – I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to cold weather, and yes, I googled the weather forecast before I said yes. (I googled fast!) Winter fire hooping isn’t as warm as you might think it would be….

We were on the news bright and early that morning – an advance chance to test out my long johns and make sure I wasn’t going to be freezing later that night. I showed up in four layers of leggings…did I mention I’m a wuss?  It was pretty awesome to get to spin fire in downtown Edmonton at 7 am! Definitely not the time or place you’d expect to be fire dancing! You can catch footage of our appearances on both Global and City-TV:

Global Edmonton Morning News  – Edmonton New Year’s Eve

Breakfast Television on City-TV

Later that night was a far cry from the morning, as 25000+ people packed Churchill Square, and our performance took place right in front of the stage, facing this massive crowd of SUPER happy people. SO many smiles!!  We finished our second set only a few minutes before midnight, and it was an incredible emotional transition into 2013 for all of us, still riding high on a super enthusiastic response from the crowd and smiles plastered from ear to ear.



As the new year is already underway and I’m looking ahead to what’s in store, I have a feeling the pace is going to continue to be really exciting. And I’m so ready for it. Classes start up again next week on January 8th and I’m so eager to see everybody back in the gym again. I haven’t seen my regulars in so many days – I miss you guys! And I’m so stoked to greet the new faces who have been signing up to join us.

I snuck into the gym last night with my daughter for a little post-New Year’s celebratory hoop, and as soon as I opened the doors, I could smell the hoop mojo. That gym has so much creative spirit in it from so many awesome colorful hoopers getting down inside her walls. And my daughter has become one of them! I’ve hooped for over four years but it wasn’t until recently that she really started getting interested in hooping, and she’s become my favorite little hoop buddy. We made a little video of our shenanigans last night – enjoy!

And happy 2013, I hope yours is spectacular!

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