Edmonton Prop Lover’s Weekend Extravaganza

We were super bummed to hear about the cancellation of SpinOut 2012 next weekend, because prop festivals are the bee’s knees and we were really looking forward to learning some mad new skills and connecting with our Alberta prop family.

Kudos to Kacie of Flowscience for coming up with the idea to plan a weekend of alternative events in Edmonton so that we can still get our props on! We’ve aptly named it the Edmonton Prop Lover’s Weekend Extravaganza and it kicks off next Friday with a FREE hoop flow class at the Bosco gym, followed by an open prop jam – all spinners and props are invited to join us and we’ll be jamming as long as there’s a crowd to jam with! There’s some great mojo in that gym, having seen the likes of Brecken, Baxter, SaFire, Revolva all throwing down their amazing skills, so come prepared to get your flow on and feel the magic happen.

On Saturday, we’ll be hosting a fire jam (location TBA) for the experienced and inexperienced alike – if you’ve never spun a fire prop before and you think you’re ready, we would love to guide you through your first burn! We’ll even have an extra fire hoop or two on hand if you don’t have your own.

And on Sunday, it’s time for another Inclusive Arts Jam at the Alberta Legislature. The Inclusive Arts Jam has grown to epic proportions this year and is definitely something you must see and experience! We’ll be meeting at the Ledge from 2pm onwards, with a potluck picnic taking place at 4pm, so bring goodies to share and join us for an afternoon of spinning, people watching, friend hugging, sun soaking, and fun!

Join us for some or all of these events – and the best part? It’s all FREE. (Yep, including the hoop flow class.) We’ll be accepting donations to cover the cost of renting the gymnasium but this event is for everyone to enjoy and we want to see you there. Check out the event page on Facebook for more information!

Check out one of our past fire spinning adventures!

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