Epic Hoopdance Returns To Calgary With Babz Robinson & Carla Snow

Round 2

Alberta hoopers! Stop what you’re doing and look inwards. Is your badass chakra 100% functional?? 

We’re coming back to Calgary on January 24 & 25 armed with all of our best moves, combos, drills, and the experience of 17 combined years of hooping flight time. We’re fresh off a killer trip to Europe where we were so fortunate to hoop with and learn from some of the their best and brightest hoop crew. We LOVE to teach hoopdance and we LOVE to make badass hoopers and we are SO ready to throw down with you once again!

This is a two-day workshop with the option to attend either day (but we hope we’ll see you at both!). Both days will include ample amounts of new repertoire, some thrilling new drills to develop your sass, stamina, technique and flow, and awesome inspiring jam time with your Alberta hoop community.

***This event sold out last year! We were SO thrilled with the turnout and so grateful to have the opportunity to hoop it up with such a dynamic cross-section of hoopers from all over western Canada. Let’s do it again!***

Day 1: Tune Up & Tune In
Saturday, January 24
1pm – 5pm

Day 2: In & Around
Sunday, January 25
1pm – 5pm

$50/single day tickets

$99/full weekend (2-day) pass

Register here!

Skill Level: 
Hoopers should be able to hoop comfortably on their waist (including walking and turning) and spin a hoop comfortably using their hands. Many of the drills and moves that we teach are layered in difficulty making them accessible to hoopers from novice to advanced so don’t be shy! Regardless of where you are in your hoop journey, we’re confident that you’ll come away feeling delightfully challenged and inspired. (And exhausted!)

What to Bring:
We suggest that you bring two hoops – one larger for on-body hooping, and one smaller for off-body moves.

The 2013 Hoopie Award winner for both for Instructor and Tutorial of the Year, Babz hails from Canmore, Alberta, Canada where she has been rocking the hoop since 2003. A pioneer and iconic hooper on the platforms of Shambhala, Motion Notion and other festivals throughout Western Canada, she has always been passionate about sharing her skills, enthusiasm, and love of all things squishy.

Babz has been teaching hooping workshops at festivals around the world and on her home turf, training hoopers who have gone on to teach their own classes across Canada and beyond. She’s well-known for her awesomely advanced, professional and incredibly helpful hooping tutorials that she shares with the world for fun and for free. If Babz is making something, it’s gonna be good!


Carla Snow hails from Banff, Alberta, Canada, and she has been rocking the hoop since 2008, when she got her first hoop from none other than Babz herself. Six years later, Carla has an enormous amount of teaching experience under her belt, including 4 years of popular weekly hoop classes in Edmonton, workshops across western Canada including Madskillz Vancouver, and internationally, including SWHOOP 2014. Carla is known for her funky and playful style that blends mad tricks with getting down and dirty on the dance floor, and is the author of an imaginary book entitled “Dick Moves By Carla Snow”, a compendium of in-your-face hoop tricks guaranteed to win friends and influence people.

Organizer of countless community jams and events, she is also the creator of Prop Rock, a showcase of flow artists in Alberta; co-organizer ofEdmonton Flow Festival, Edmonton’s prop, performance and flow festival, and the founding director of Edmonton’s Hoopie-nominated Flowscience prop manipulation troupe. She has performed as a collaborative and a solo artist across the globe.


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