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There are no words to effectively describe the amazing experience of FireDrums X. I’ve just returned from California with all of my hair intact and only a wee Harry Potter-esque lightning bolt burn on my forearm despite three straight days/nights of non-stop fire spinning. Workshops with Steve Bags and Emma of Kenna Hoops, Brecken Rivara, Kari Revolva and other prop wizards such as Kyle Johnson have left me with armloads of new tricks and techniques to share with all of my students from beginner to advanced. There were no hoop classes last night due to my travel schedule, but we will be reconvening next Tuesday at 6pm (beginner) and 7pm (advanced) at the Bosco gymnasium.

If you can’t wait until Tuesday to get your hoop fix, come to the Alberta Legislature grounds on Sunday afternoon any time after 2pm and check out the Inclusive Arts Jam! This year is seeing the biggest numbers yet, and if you’re a hooper or other prop spinner looking to connect with your community, Sunday afternoons at the Ledge are totally the way to go. Bring your toys, pack a picnic and some sunscreen, and come hang with us. Arts jammers are a super friendly bunch and we would love to see you there!

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