Flowlab Music Monday: Shoulder Hooping

Chest and shoulder hooping is pretty much my favorite kind of hooping. I love grooving on my shoulders more than anywhere else on the core. Baxter from Hoop Path is coming back to Edmonton on March 1 to 3, and knowing how many of my students are also looking forward to his workshop this year, I’ve been spending some extra time in class focusing on core hooping, especially shoulders, to get us all ready for the experience that is Hoop Path.

So it’s with that upper body hooping in mind that I’ve really been into tracks like Blatta & Inesha’s Pray For You. 


A few weeks ago I posted Pleasurekraft ft. Green Velvet’s Skeleton Key [Format B Remix], and I’d totally recommend that one for some wicked upper body practice. I’ve been loving the tempo and drive of Pleasurekraft’s tunes, so I’m adding another track from their Soundcloud to this week’s playlist for some shoulder drills we’ll be working on Tuesday night, Nostromo.


I’ve attended numerous workshops led by Baxter over the years and highly recommend them. If you’re not sure what Hoop Path is, check out Baxter’s website, peruse his Youtube, or check out the event page on Facebook. Tickets are on sale now and are moving fast!

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