Music Mondays: Nico Pusch

I’ve been promising for what seems like forever to start putting out a regular list of the songs I’ve been playing in class, so in the interest of crossing another thing off the to-do list, I’m going to be posting favourite tracks once a week, whether they’re my own personal favourite, a track that’s received thumbs-up from my students, or requests by students that have landed in our regular rotation.

You’ll probably see a lot of remixes by Nico Pusch on my playlists, because his tunes are a perfect blend of danceable electronica with the familiarity of really good singalong tunes. When you’re trying to choose music for your classes that salutes all of the musical tastes of a diverse group ¬†of students, remixes like these are such a perfect solution.

So for week one, enjoy a little Florence and the Machine, and dance your ass off, m’kay?

Florence and the Machine – What the Water Gave Me (Nico Pusch Bootleg Remix)


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