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¬†Flowlab hoop classes were featured on Alberta Prime Time’s “Around Alberta” segment this week! I was approached by the show to talk about my experience in becoming a full-time hoopdance instructor, and the piece features footage and interviews with some of my Hooping Basics students as well as my own hoopdance teacher/mentor/friend, SaFire. SaFire was my first hoop teacher when I started my hoop journey in 2009, and I definitely teared up watching her portion of the interview. I found SaFire’s viral video on Youtube when I had just gotten into hooping way back then, and when I realized that she was not only living in my city but also teaching classes a few minutes away from where I lived….well, the rest is history!
This story does a marvelous job of highlighting the growth of hoop communities such as the one we have here in Edmonton, as well as the diversity of students picking up a hoop and attending classes. Hoopdance is fun and creative and awesome, and our community is so supportive and welcoming. Check out the news piece and then come and check out a class!

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