Holiday Hoop Sale

‘Tis the season to be busy (but when isn’t it!) with preparations for the holidays – how about a hoop for your loved one this year? If you’re looking to buy somebody their first hoop, I can help you select the appropriate size and weight for your hooper-to-be. If you’ve already got a hooper on your to-buy-for list, believe me, hoopers can never have too many hoops (just ask my buddy Shaktigrooves) and they’ll be delighted to add another shiny design or a super-fast polypro to their collection. And from now until December 21, I’m taking $5 off all in-stock adult standard hoops and collapsible travel hoops. I’ve got a great collection in stock already with more being added every day, so email me to set up an appointment to stop by and pick out the perfect gift for your favorite hooper(s)!


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