Hoop Class Jitters

I am so grateful for the beautiful outdoor hooping weather we’ve been enjoying these past couple of weeks, and taking advantage of as much of it as possible while gearing up for this Tuesday and our fall series of hoop classes. The fall series has always had an extra buzz to it, perhaps because so many of us have either been inspired by seeing hooping at a festival or a park over the summer, or we were the ones hooping all over those festivals and parks, which was definitely the case for me. There is an energy so powerful in dancing with the community that brings me back to the city in the fall feeling enormously inspired. My hoop and I have fallen in love all over again, it would seem – and that only makes it all the more exciting to share with all of the new and returning students who will be coming through that gym door in just a couple of days.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately from the hoop-curious about our Hooping Basics class, and I’ve been hearing lots of excitement but also some nervousness from first-timers. Believe me, I completely understand! The first time I learned to hoop, I was too shy to do it in front of ANYBODY and tried to hide out of sight of family and friends while I gave it a spin. A couple of hours later, I was completely hooked!


Another concern I’ve been hearing is that you might feel out of place. Believe me, you are about to step into a gym full of the most diverse bunch of accepting, kind people that you will ever meet. Age, gender, ability – you won’t be too old, it’s okay if you’re a guy (we love dude hoopers!), don’t worry if you drop the hoop because we ALL drop the hoop. This is a judgement free zone! Hoopers come to this class for dance, fitness, meditation, play – we’re all here with the intention to do something that makes us feel great, and that creates the kind of positively-charged atmosphere that has made Tuesday night my favourite night of the week for over three years running!

Also, keep in mind that if being able to keep the hoop spinning around your waist is the thing that worries you, I’ve got a big stack of large diameter, heavy hoops that are there to ensure your success. The bigger the hoop, the easier it is to keep it spinning around your body. Big hoops have a slower rotation and added momentum, giving your body the time to react and learn the natural rhythm of keeping the hoop moving around you. This is so, so important to remember.


“But I’ve tried hooping before and failed at it.” I hear this one SO much and my first question is always, “Was it a kid’s hoop?” If the answer is “yes”, then you haven’t failed at hooping at all! I almost didn’t become a hooper because my first attempt as an adult was with a kid’s hoop from the toy store. I cried because I wanted to try hooping so badly but the small hoop tricked me into believing that I wasn’t physically capable of doing it. It wasn’t until a year later that I tried hooping with a 1-inch thick hoop that came up up past my bellybutton, and that was when it clicked for me. Grownup-sized people need grownup-sized hoops, and we’ve got plenty of those for you to try, including our  big ol’ “Hoop of Self-Esteem” (inspired by this awesome article on Hooping.org).

So, if you’ve been on the fence about coming out and trying a class this Tuesday, I hope this reassures you that the only thing you really need to worry about is mayyyyybe having too much fun. The Hooping Basics Class kicks off at 6pm this Tuesday night at the Bosco Gymnasium – pre-register here on the website, or if you’d prefer to pay on Tuesday night, send me a message through the contact page to reserve a spot!

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