Finished Hooping Basics and have an appetite to keep learning new tricks? Want to master shoulder hooping for once and for all?

Beyond the Basics will advance your hooping by building your repertoire with new tricks and variations on old ones, polishing up those fundamentals through technique-targeted exercises, and exploring ways to develop freedom & flow within your hoopdance.

The curriculum for Beyond the Basics is varied and covers a number of areas: chest & shoulder hooping, isolations/illusions, breaks, body rolls, tosses, jumps, antispin flowers, and on and on and on! Students are encouraged to make requests for specific trick instruction, and you will come home every week with new moves and/or concepts to explore within your personal practice, as well as variations and expansions on seemingly simple or already mastered moves.  We also spend time on developing our hoopDANCE through a number of fun and inspiring exercises all geared towards expanding your footwork and your flow.rainbow serpent shoulder duckout

Every class includes a half-hour of open jam time, where we dim the lights and turn up the music to explore our own individual movement within the hoop.

  •  Tuesday nights, 7:00pm – 8:30pm
  • 6770-129 Avenue, Edmonton, AB (Bosco Homes Administration Building Gym)
The current series began on Tuesday, September 3 and runs to October 29. (There is no class on October 22.) Remember that this class is very drop-in friendly regardless of where we’re at in the series!
The next series will begin on Tuesday, November 12 and runs to December 17. This will be a 6-week series to leave a little break for the holidays, and classes will resume January 7, 2014. 

This class is drop-in friendly, so if you can’t make it to all of them, you are welcome to join us any Tuesday night! (Drop-in fee is $15.)

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New Students: $80 for the 6-week series beginning November 12

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Returning Students: $65 for the 6-week series beginning November 12
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Single Drop-in Pass: $15
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