Hoop Workshop Afterglow

I came back from Calgary this past Sunday thoroughly inspired and physically wasted after 3 days of learning from and laughing with the legendary Anah Reichenbach, aka Hoopalicious. Yes, I’m going fan-girl on this one. Without question. Nothing would have kept me away from this workshop experience, and it was everything (and then some) that I was hoping it would be.

I’ve been thinking a lot about just what it was that made Calgary so incredible. It had all the makings of an awesome weekend – road trip with the girls, hotel with a hot tub for our tired bodies, a Saturday night potluck/hooper house party, loads and loads and loads of concepts and moves to infuse my own personal practice and to inspire my teaching. I know I might be gushing, but at the hooper house party on Saturday night, after some of us (despite our ridiculously sore bodies) had picked up a hoop and boogied down to the tunes of the wicked dj’s spinning in the basement, Anah grabbed her hoop, and proceeded to deliver the most inspiring, confident, badass throwdown that I have ever seen…all within the confines of a crowded basement with a low ceiling. The energy in the room was enormous, and we laughed, squealed and sighed about it all the way back to Edmonton the next day. Even now as I write, I have goosebumps on my arms.

Over the past few years, Edmonton has been lucky enough to see some pretty inspiring hoop idols spin through town, including Baxter of HoopPath, Brecken Rivara, SaFire, and Kari Revolva. The hoop workshop experience is something that many of us only need to experience once to get hooked, leaving us asking “when’s the next one?” I’m a total workshop junkie, craving the learning experience as much as I love teaching hooping. Beyond learning hoop concepts and techniques from some of the best in the world, there is also the opportunity to meet other hoopers in your community, and to nourish your own creative spirit (there is absolutely nothing more inspiring than dancing in a room with 44 other hoopers, like WOW), and to feel completely in your own skin surrounded by all of these other people who completely understand and resonate with your continuing love affair with a plastic circle.

And if I haven’t raved enough about how awesome this past weekend was, or how awesome hoop workshops are? Just watch these. Kudos to Amanda of Hip Flick Hoops for putting together a smile-inducing montage with footage she captured on the final day of the workshop, and to Stephanie “Spark” for capturing some rousing closing jam footage.

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