Hoopies Finalists: Flowscience & Edmonton

I feel like such a proud momma this morning. Flowscience has been nominated in two different categories in this year’s Hoopies Awards, Hooping.org’s event celebrating greatness within the hoop community. We’re up for Performance Group of the Year and Video of the Year!

Our Video of the Year nomination was shot last fall in two uniquely different locations in downtown Edmonton, at the top of a parking garage, and next to the beautiful Muttart Conservatory pyramids in the river valley. Chris Hoban, our in-house photographer (and coincidentally super awesome other half to hooper/poi spinner Sheena) shot the footage, and I stayed up way too late a couple of nights in a row editing the final product.

And in the category of Best Hoop Community – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada has earned another nomination this year! Way to go! Our community has grown so exponentially over the past couple of years. We’ve got so many great events and regular gatherings of hoopers and other prop spinners happening all over the city these days, and it is wonderful that our collective love and enthusiasm for hoopdance and building our hoop community is being recognized.

Voting is open until this Saturday. I encourage you to show your support for all of the wonderful things that have been going on in Edmonton this past year and cast your vote at Hooping.org before the deadline!

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