Hooping and the Paranormal?

First of all, let me just say – big UPS to all of the incredible hoopers who have been representing Alberta on Hooping.org this past month. Kacie Beluse Knight, Chantal Dings, Bryton Lyght, Dallas Arcand, Amanda Syryda – soooo much awesome talent, not to mention some seriously photogenic genes going on!

There’s a fun article on Hooping.org today about paranormal activity and hooping – and my practice video “Spooky Hooping” got a mention for the weirdness that went on when the camera was straightened by an unseen hand. You see, the gym that I hoop at is in a historic building that used to be a monastery, and the monks’ living quarters were converted into offices a few years ago.  Rumor has it there are some lingering spirits in and around the premises – but as far as I know, they’re of the friendly, and apparently helpful! variety. Now if only I could get them to help carry my hoops at the end of the night…

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