Hooping To Feel Good

In one of my classes right before Christmas, we had a great talk about the importance of hooping as a feel-good activity. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes of flight time inside a hoop to feel its mood-lifting benefits. At the risk of sounding all hooperesque-cliche – hooping has been there with me through some real highs and lows, and yes, hooping has definitely been there for me when I’ve needed it the most. I *heart* hooping.

The temperature dropped yesterday in Edmonton to a frosty -20 degrees Celsius (I’ll let the American hoopers convert that one on their own, or I can translate: Freaking Cold), so I’m dedicating a little Sunday afternoon hoop video to all the Edmonton hoopers trying to stay warm this afternoon. I made it on one of those days when I couldn’t get to the gym fast enough to get inside my hoop and let my brain relax into a nice mushy state of flow. Push the coffee table back, back the car out of the garage and turn a heater on, do you what you gotta do to find a little hoop meditation space today.

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