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SOLD OUT Hey Calgary! Join me at St. Vladimir’s on Sunday, April 26th (HOOP CHURCH!) from 2pm to 5pm for some extreme geeking out AND some inspired, blissed out hooping. We’re going to work some things out and get you nicely tuned up for summer/festival season/general awesomeness.

This is a multilevel all-skills welcome workshop, and we’ll be breaking it down something like this:

Turns: using footwork and turning with or into your hoop to creative new movements with your existing repertoire, while incorporating some new moves as well. So many moves can be expanded on with the addition of footwork, changing their look (and feel) dramatically!

Folding and Transitions: exploring various ways to bend or change planes with the hoop; using folds to create variations or expansions of moves you may already know, such as weaves or tosses.

Body Wraps: this covers a lot of territory – the escalator family, arm wraps, butt wraps, neck spins. We’ll play with various ways to flip the hoop around your body and see if you can come up some variations of your own.

Twins: Don’t be intimidated if you’ve never played with doubles before! They’re a lot of fun (twice, even!) and I’ll be focusing mainly on my own favourite twins moves with some fundamentals thrown in for those who want them. If the three beat weave eludes you, I’ve got some drills to help you out. If you’ve already got the three beat weave, stop showing off and start working on your reverse three beat weave. HA!

*Disclaimer* This is not a complete list of the things we’ll be covering and I’ll do my best to update it in the days to come. I want to teach you ALL the things! Also, if you have requests for the kinds of moves you would like to work on, I am definitely open to hearing them!

Skill Level: 
Hoopers should be able to hoop comfortably on their waist (including walking and turning) and spin a hoop comfortably using their hands. Many of the drills and moves that I teach are layered in difficulty making them accessible to hoopers from novice to advanced so don’t be shy! Regardless of where you are in your hoop journey, I’m confident that you’ll come away feeling delightfully challenged and inspired. (And exhausted!)

What to Bring:
A notebook, your favourite hoop(s), water bottle, and your badass self!

Spaces for this workshop are sold out, but email if you’d like to be put on the cancellation list.

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