Learn To Spin Twins!

The new Twins & Minis series starts on October 17, and I am super stoked to finally be offering this class. I’ll tell you a little secret – I used to turn my nose up at doubles/twins/minis, mainly because I thought they were toooooo harrrrrrrd and I kept my focus inside my single hoop comfort zone for quite a while. But, last summer I found myself intrigued enough to give two a serious try and discovered that the challenge and variety of using two hoops is AWESOME. Now I don’t go anywhere without two, whether they’re my shiny little mini hoops or my 35 inch skinny polypro twins.

As well, at FireDrums earlier this year, a workshop with Emma of Kenna Hoops left me with a healthy (over)dose of twinspiration, and I can’t wait to share everything I have learned on my own doubles journey with the rest of you.

So, whether you’ve got a bit of experience with your double hoops, or if this is your first time picking up a second hoop, the twins & minis class will introduce you to a huge variety of moves, fun & useful drills to develop your limb independence, and some helpful hints for coming up with your own new moves. Most of all, we’ll work on getting the feet moving, so that you can keep on dancing with your doubles. Anybody who knows me and knows how I teach also knows that I like to stress the DANCE part of hoopdance, and hooping with two hoops is no different.

Class begins on October 17 in west Edmonton at Britannia Youngstown Hall, 15927-105 Avenue, and the cost of the course is $80 for 6 weeks. I’m also offering a bundle deal for those already taking any of my other Flowlab classes, $65 for 6 weeks! ¬†We do need a minimum number of students to see this class run, so if you’re thinking about signing up, email me at carla@flowlab.ca to reserve your spot!


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