Like A Boss: Calgary Hoop Workshop with Carla Snow

Hey Calgary! It’s time for another installation of HOOP CHURCH!

Level up your hoop skills and expand your creativity with a 4 hour intensive that combines the content of three (!) classes into one afternoon, plus a rocking warmup and closing jam.

DATE: Sunday, January 31, 2016

TIME: 2pm to 6pm

LOCATION: St. Vladimir’s, 404 Meredith Rd NE, Calgary

This is a multilevel all-skills welcome workshop. Many of the drills and moves that I teach are layered in difficulty making them accessible to hoopers from novice to advanced so don’t be shy! Regardless of where you are in your hoop journey, I’m confident that you’ll come away feeling delightfully challenged and inspired.



Look at the floor. Look at the sky. Look back at the floor. Now look over here! Angle hooping is one of my favourite places to truly get down on the dance floor, and we’re going to explore the delicious realm of on-body angles, barrel rolls, shoulder duck outs, breaks and other surprises.  Be prepared to get sweaty!

Behind the Back

We’ll play with a number of “yeah you did!” moves performed behind the back, utilizing rolls, catches, jumps, and tosses, and we’ll take those badass moves and combine them into some wonderful riffs to incorporate into your flow. 

Get A Grip

We’ll examine transitions from on-body to off-body and back on again, incorporating a variety of grips and finger holds to expand the possibilities of movement with your hoop.

There will be plenty of dance and movement crammed in there as well! Be ready to get weird and go home exhausted and hoop-drunk!

What to Bring:

A notebook, hoops of varying sizes*, water bottle, and your badass self!

What do I mean when I say hoops of varying sizes? You may find that some components of this workshop will be more accessible with a core-friendly hoop, so I would recommend bringing more than just your teensiest tiniest skinniest polypro (but bring that too).



We are maximum capacity for this workshop! Pay attention to the event wall on Facebook in case of last minute cancellations or tickets up for grabs, or email me at to be put on the waiting list.

Happy hoopers in Calgary at In & Around, April 2015


Happy hoopers in Calgary at In & Around, April 2015



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