Meet Flowscience.


We’re a prop manipulation group based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. While our first love is hoops, we love to spin ALL the props, getting dressed up in crazy costumes, and entertaining crowds of all sizes with our circus inspired antics. Hire Flowscience for your next event and treat your guests to a fun & memorable performance packed with imagination and inspiration.

Flowscience has provided high quality, professional entertainment at a number of corporate, community and private events including the Kaleido Family Arts Festival and Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival. Whether you want a daytime show, an evening LED show, or an evening fire show, Flowscience will leave your audience saying “that was AWESOME!”

LED Entertainment


We combine the beauty of prop manipulation and dance with the technology of LED hoops, poi, and other flow toys to create a visually-stimulating experience that will mesmerize your audience. LED entertainment is best enjoyed in low light (not blackout) conditions, and is absolutely stunning on its own or in conjunction with fire prop manipulation.

Fire Entertainment


Our fire shows are stunning displays of movement and dance, created with the skilled manipulation of fiery props including hoops, poi, staffs, and more. We come prepared with safety equipment, fire insurance and years of fire dancing experience.  Contact us to discuss the possibility of a fire show at your event.

Costumes & Themes


We love getting dressed up in crazy costumes, and we’ve got a pretty deep tickle trunk full of goodies to complement your event’s theme. We’ve created costumes for all kinds of creative themes including science, circus, safari, black light, fire & ice, winter wonderland, mermaids, and more!