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Post-Hoopcamp sightseeing with SaFire in 2009

It’s mini vacation time at Flowlab! After a crazy busy summer and a HUGE start to our fall classes (where did all of these awesome hoopers COME from?!), we’ve shut down the hoop lab for a week to travel to San Francisco for a little bit of R&R and a lot of dancing. We’ll be checking out the Treasure Island Music Festival this weekend, enjoying an incredible variety of musical acts and dancing until our knees give out (and also enjoying being on the not-working side of a festival!).

San Francisco seems to be on my frequently-visited list these days, and when I look back on the “why”, I’d say hoopdance is definitely what started bringing here regularly, with my first and second trips to Hoop Camp a few years ago, to this spring’s most excellent trip to FireDrums. There are so many amazing and friendly hoopers living in and around the Bay Area and I am hoping to catch up with a few of my hoop friends while we’re here for a reunion or two.

But just because we’re on vacation doesn’t mean there’s not a lot going on as soon as we get back! Junior Hoopers starts on October 17 for the 8-14 year olds who want to learn how to be hoop ninjas too, and the Twins & Minis series also starts that night, and believe me, I am SO excited for both of these classes to get rolling.

As well, we’ve got yet another Guided Practice Saturday on October 20 from noon to 2. Our Guided Practice Jams have been picking up in popularity and attendance, and the folks who have been attending have been giving great positive feedback on the format and the experience itself. You will come away with armloads of new tricks and ideas for polishing up the ones you already have.


Hooray for collapsible polypro making packing easy!

And if that’s not all kinds of awesome, we’ve also got our regular Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night classes currently underway – keeping in mind that this Tuesday (October 16) there will be no Hooping Basics or Beyond the Basics class while we’re still on vacation. But we’ll be back on Wednesday for our Multilevel class in west Edmonton, so if you’re jonesing for a hoop fix, remember, our multilevel class is completely drop-in friendly, so come and join us!

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