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Many of you have heard me talking about our new Guided Practice Saturday format, a special new class/workshop being offered this fall & winter on select dates, geared towards hoopers of ALL skill levels. Structured like a community hoop jam with individualized instruction, this is the perfect class for hoopers who can’t commit to a full series, for hoopers looking for a space to practice indoors as the weather cools off, or for hoopers who just want to hoop MORE (who doesn’t?). Guided Practice sessions are 2 hours in length, providing ample time to dance, learn, flow, and socialize with fellow hoop lovers.

Jodie, the rocking hoop ambassador from, who drove all the way up from Red Deer for our first session had this to say about the workshop:

“Thanks for hosting the Guided Practice this past weekend, Carla. It was well worth the drive up from Red Deer. Although I love anytime I get to hoop and learn from others, I loved the format you had. It allowed me the opportunity to ask you some very specific questions about certain moves I was trying to learn… I didn’t have to feel like I was taking up your time when you should be working with the entire class. On top of that, I honestly walked away with more than I usually get in a weekend workshop because you could tailor everything for those that were there. It doesn’t hurt that you can break things down easily for me. Thanks so much! I hope to attend another in the near future!”

The cost for this 2-hour workshop is $25 for new students ($20 each if you sign up with a friend), or $15 for current or returning Flowlab students. (That’s the same as the drop-in rate for a regular 1-hour class!) The next GPS is on September 22, so come and join the fun!




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