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A recent post by blogger Britz Bitz of Shambhala Music Festival farmily fame called “ParticiPARTY” really resonated with me. ¬†It is a big affirmation to me about why I love festival culture so much. If the winter blahs have been creeping up on you, take a peek and let yourself get excited for the summer ahead. (I just did…Shambhala butterflies in January? Sounds about right!) It’s also one of the reasons I love throwing events so much – creating a container or space for people to come together and share their gifts of creativity and good energy.

The participarty way of thinking is exactly the kind of spirit we wanted to bring last summer to our Flowscience roving characters at Astral Harvest Music Festival, and we’re already working on a pretty rad upgrade for this year’s event. If you’ve never been to this gem of a festival, I highly recommend you put it on your calendar for this summer. Great people, great music, great decor, an wonderful array of workshops, family friendly – definitely one of my favorite destinations on the summer festival roster.

photo by Francesco Maio & cisco ? jr

And it’s also with that spirit of contributing to the party through our own spontenaity and creativity, while breaking up the remaining winter months with some good booty-shaking fun that I’m looking forward to the upcoming event, SCIENCE! on February 9th. The event is a collaboration between Flowlab and Hardcore Liberation, and we’re cooking up a mad scientist party lab for you, and we hope that you’ll participarty with us: nerd it up, geek it out, trick out a lab coat, protect your pocket, get experimental with your ‘do, shock us with whatever your imaginations come up with. DJ Lego, Ambigiuous, and Nattikk will be on the decks keeping the dance floor moving – come and shake those winter chills away with us, get your sip on, and enjoy a hot little number from Flowscience later on in the evening!

The event is being held at Bohemia Cafe in downtown Edmonton, and it is a limited ¬†capacity venue. Tickets are only $10 in advance and we expect most of the tickets to sell out before the show, so if you’d like to get your hands on a couple, drop me a line at!

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