Workshop: The Flow Zone

Join me on Saturday, December 8 for a two-hour workshop titled “The Flow Zone” – focused on nothing but finding FLOW. Yup, it’s a word we toss around a lot in the prop community, but it’s a state of being that feels pretty damn good when we find it, so can you blame us?

Drawing on countless hours of personal flight time, full-time teaching, and being lucky enough to learn from some of the most inspiring and talented hoop masters out there, I’ve taken everything that I know about finding the flow state in movement, selecting my favorite exercises, techniques and concepts, and shaping them into a 2 hour workshop experience intended to inspire freedom and creativity within your hoopdance.

The workshop runs on Saturday, December 8 from 1-3pm. Sign up before December 1 and save $5 on the cost of the $25 registration. 

Whether you’re looking for that flow state, looking to break through a hooping plateau, or wanting to level up your freedom of movement, I invite you to join us for an afternoon full of creativity and inspiration. And a whole lot of happy!



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