Modern technology does everything to make the casino experience as enjoyable as possible. Anyone can have a fantastic selection of gambling games not only on their own PC but also on mobile devices. Nothing seems more innovative than mobile and live casinos in HD available anytime, anywhere. But technology moves forward and who knows, soon we may see more variations of gambling based on technical developments.

Blockchain in online casinos

According to CoinMarketCap — Forbes, there are more than 1,100 types of digital money in the world of cryptocurrencies today. And the total capitalization of this market is $133 billion. For any gambling establishment, blockchain technology is:

  • good reputation;
  • risk minimization;
  • increasing income;
  • transparency;
  • security. 

Operator security

For casinos, the use of blockchain technology is a guarantee of transparency. A decentralized system eliminates the presence of a third party. That is, the use of blockchain technology eliminates the threat to the security of online casinos. It provides:

  • regular stability;
  • impossibility to revoke a payment;
  • assurance in the non-criminal origin of funds.

Increased revenue

Ultimately, risk elimination and financial transparency have a huge impact on a gambling establishment’s reputation, which is directly reflected in increased revenue. The customer base will grow as any player would prefer to deal with an honest reliable gambling establishment.

Therefore, today, all online casinos that use blockchain technology in their operations seek to demonstrate their transparency as proof of their honesty towards their players. By doing so, they show that they do not interfere in processes where luck and fortune are involved.

Virtual reality gambling at online casinos

Although the technology is relatively new, it has gained millions of followers in recent years. Therefore, many gambling manufacturers got interested in this direction. It was the market leaders who took up the technology and started to promote virtual slots.

At the moment, you can try roulette from Microgaming, released in 2014. SlotMillons Casino also offers several slots adapted to Oculus 3D glasses. Another gaming software company, NetEnt, has launched several of its VR-based offspring. Among them:

  • Gonzo’s Quest;
  • Jack and the Beanstalk;
  • Twin Spin;
  • Robin Hood. 

Despite so much demand, the development of VR gambling has been slow. Firstly, the technology is not perfect or adapted. Secondly, the development of VR games in casinos requires special software and hardware. Thirdly, the strength of online casinos is that gamers can play without downloads, early purchases and investments. However, in the future, VR technology could become a reality for casino players, bringing more action and thrills to their gaming experience.